Is Frozen 3 in the works? Kristen Bell says...

For the first time in forever, Kristen Bell is making us wonder if Frozen 3 is on the way. "I would like to officially announce with zero authority," the actress, who played Anna in the films, said during the June 20 episode of The Tonight Show. "Please bear in mind I did say zero authority because I can't do that, I'm not in charge." Still, host Jimmy Fallon wasn't willing to let it go, asking if there "could be something maybe in the works?" But for now, it looks like fans are left heading into the unknown. "Well, you know, I'll keep it mysterious." But if there were to be a Frozen 3, she suggested that she and Idina Menzel, who voiced Elsa, would be down. "Idina recently said she would do it, and I feel like if we're all in, like, what are we waiting for?" Bell continued. "We want it. Let's do it." And while Menzel is waiting for more news, she's ready to sing Let It Go any time Disney needs her.