The Man from Toronto

  • 02 Jul - 08 Jul, 2022
  • Mag The Weekly

Teddy (Hart) has a dream of being an online fitness guru, but nobody watches his no-budget videos, his gimmicky workout gear belongs on the scrap heap and his best terrible idea is “non-contact boxing.” Somehow, he’s managed to not get divorced from Lori (Jasmine Mathews), a saint of a sweetheart of a woman with patience that seems unending until this plot comes along. This plot, which takes us to UTAH, where we meet a man known only as The Man from Toronto (Harrelson). He’s a cold-blooded damn killer who drives a circa-Bullitt Dodge Charger and is also a good cook, which means he has dreams. Behind his steely facade and reputation for torturing dudes, he definitely yearns. Fate puts both men in Onancock, Virginia, a real-life location obviously chosen for its name, because it’s “funny.” Teddy takes Lori there for a surprise remote love-shack getaway for her birthday. He drops her off at the spa and ends up at the wrong address, where he’s mistaken for The Man from Toronto. He sees something he shouldn’t see, and he knows he shouldn’t see this, so he rolls with it and pretends to be TMfT and somehow survives and also survives an FBI raid, after which he’s asked to continue to pretend to be TMfT, despite his being a generally inept human being. Meanwhile the real TMfT, a man who knows “more than 23 martial arts” and has a thing for 19th-century poetry, is not amused that a generally inept human being is impersonating him.