Snowflake Mountain

Snowflake Mountain is a reality competition that takes ten people, all of whose parents want them to do a lot of growing up, and puts them in a wilderness retreat with very little at their disposal besides their essentials and their wits. These ten young adults think they’re going to a luxury resort for a reality show and over pack their luxury accessories. But they’re in for a hell of a surprise. When a bumpy car ride gets the contestants to the top of a hill somewhere in Europe, they notice that there’s no villa, no phone reception and the cars are driving away. They’re greeted by hosts Joel Graves and Matt Tate, both of whom are ex-military and are survivalist experts. They inform them that their parents sent them there to get some sense of independence and to achieve their full potential. The hosts tell the contestants to take their essentials out of their suitcases and put them in wet bags. Of course, they all complain. That’s when they get a surprise: Joel blows up a trailer full of their suitcases. After they find their rudimentary camp site, the group is tasked with finding food. Each group has trouble even doing these basic tasks. After their task, they find out that $50,000 is at stake for the winner of the contest.