• 02 Jul - 08 Jul, 2022
  • Mag The Weekly

Netflix high-concept dystopian sci-fi mystery-adventure black comedy, Spiderhead is a collision of styles (as you probably noticed) and talent. Steve Abnesti (Hemsworth) is a pharmaceutical science man developing little vials of coloured liquid that can significantly manipulate or alter a person’s moods and emotions. The drugs are administered via little not particularly utopian battery-pack thingy at the base of the spine; one swipe of Steve’s phone and a body’s laughing euphorically at mass death, or overwhelmed with such love it can’t help but schtup the living tar out of the other person in the room. Steve’s setup is like so: Big concrete bunker-base near the sea, which serves as residence and testing lab for himself, his assistant (Mark Paguio) and a bevy of convicted felons who’ve been offered snatches of freedom and some creature comforts in exchange for being guinea pigs. Our protagonist is Jeff (Teller). We’re privy to his flashbacks, which heavily feature a drunken and fiery car wreck. There’s a scene in which he sits across from Heather (Tess Haubrich) in the experiment-o-lab. They’re asked to assess each other’s physical attractiveness. When they don’t say much, they get a dose of Verbaluce, and thus flow the superlatives. Then they get some Luvactin, which is followed by an instance of wild coitus. Why anyone would concoct such a drug is beyond us, but hey, we guess that’s why we’re not scientists.

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