Frieha Altaf

How many of us feel this way? No matter how hard we try to clean up our beaches, try to teach civil courtesy we continue to litter Karachi, we protest lack of electricity, water, and security! We shout out when heritage buildings are torn down. #Karachi @TheEIU a frustrated Karachiite.

Mira Sethi

New York voters: @anamariaforny is an incredible leader who’s running for Lieutenant Governor to put the needs of working families first. She’s worked for 20+ years to expand immigrant protections, raise wages for workers, and more. Vote for her!

Fahad Mustafa

It’s loud, it’s peppy, it’s fast, it's crazy! Prep your loudspeakers and get ready to dance with Mahira Khan and Fahad Mustafa to the beat of Loota Rey! The first song from the film Quaid E Azam Zindabad – in the voice of Pakistan’s favourites Aima Baig and Asrar Shah!

Junaid khan

And finally #Yadaan is officially out! Hoping you all will love what me and my #JeemFilms family has put together. From singing it to producing it #Yadaan is not just a song but a love story to tell. #junaidkhan #hiramani

Abrar Ul Haq

Today we had a fruitful meeting with Francesco Rocca, the President of IFRC in Geneva. He promised to support my idea of making a hospital and a medical college in Islamabad, he also promised to visit Pakistan on my request.