Muniba Mazari

Increasing gun violence in our society is very alarming. And the real question is why are psychological tests not conducted before issuing weapons’ license to people? #SayNoToGunViolence

Anchor and human rights activist Muniba Mazari is raising her voice on the increasing gun culture in the country. Determining the declining tolerance level of the people and with the rapidly escalating violent activities it is extremely dangerous and alarming to issue weapons’ license to people without any proper investigation.

Shaniera Akram

Respect to all 25 million who call Karachi home! What residents of our city have given and donated over the years is just outstanding. Karachi has survived because of the people’s hearts. Too five worst cities to live in, but number one when it comes to philanthropy, charity and good will!

As Karachi has been ranked among top 10 "worst cities" in the world to live in 2022 by The Economist. Our favourite bhabhi Shaniera Akram lauds the people of Karachi for being on the forefront in doing all the charitable and philanthropicÊwork, despite being badly hit by poverty and inflation which is highly praiseworthy.


A little tale: This really kind Sikh family saw me struggling because of the long queues at Manchester airport. They asked me what was up, told them was a little faint and the lovely lady pulled out a drink (I’d run out of water) it’s the little things. #bestofhumanity

Armeena Khan seemingly has her faith restored in humanity all over again as she first hand experienced being helped by a warm Sikh family while she was having a hard time waiting at the Manchester airport in long queues. We can all agree on the fact that humanity and treating people right can do wonders.