‘70s kickback

Interior design in the '70s certainly had its quirks. It was a decade defined by wall-to-wall shag carpeting, funky technicolour furniture, and knickknacks galore, but 1970s interior design also encompassed many timeless elements that are once again resurfacing in homes today. Current decor trends like rattan furniture and earthy colour schemes stem from the retro style and are now emerging from the past in modern ways.

Colonial furniture came back with a vengeance, bringing with it turned wood and other favourites.

Fringe was in during the ‘70s, and not just as a hairstyle. Fringe turned up on lampshades, too.

No home in the 70s would have been complete without a few bean bag chairs thrown around the basement.

Between the rotary phones of yesteryear and the cell phones of today, there was the push button phone of the ‘70s. Today, they serve as great decorative pieces.

Macramé was all the rage in ‘70s homes, used for everything from potted-plant holders to decorative wall hangings.

If the 1970s were about one interior design trend, it was wall-to-wall shag carpeting, usually in eye-searing colours.

Once consigned to patios and the like, rattan furniture become a hot addition to living rooms and other interior spaces in the ‘70s.