Zendaya reflects on having ‘boundaries’ in her personal life

Zendaya doesn't feel the need to shake it up when it comes to her private life. The actress has lived many lives throughout her career, having first rose to fame on the Disney show Shake It Up. Now, she makes headlines for her work on Euphoria and her on and off-screen romance with Spider Man co-star Tom Holland. Reflecting on her private life, she explained that she's built a sense of boundaries with her fans. "Many of them have grown with me and have watched me evolve in different parts of my life and career," she said in an interview with Vogue Italia. "They're really understanding that I'm human." She noted that "even the hardcore ones" want her to be happy and are "respectful of my boundaries" in what she chooses "to keep a little bit more private and keep for myself." However, it sounds like it was harder for her to stay private once Euphoria premiered in 2019. Her new status comes with "new sets of challenges and pressures" but Zendaya's making the progression feel much more natural.