The Lightning Rod

Brad Meltzer's follow-up to his bestselling thriller The Escape Artist is finally here. In The Lightning Rod, Zigarowski discovers a secret no one was ever supposed to uncover while autopsying the distinguished family man Archie. That secret leads him straight to Nola Brown, the woman who saved Zig's life two years ago. As he's tracking down Zola, Zig begins to realise just how big of a case he's gotten himself into when he uncovers a secret government facility that doesn't officially exist. It seems that once again, Zola is leading him into danger, but this time the fate of the world could be at stake.

Love, Decoded

Jennifer Yen gives Jane Austen's Emma a modern update in Love, Decoded. Everyone in Gigi Wong's life seems to expect her to succeed, and she'll do anything to live up to their expectations. That includes coding a friendship matchmaking app in hopes of securing a prestigious tech internship. Unfortunately, her goal of helping others make friends quickly blows up in her face thanks to a series of misunderstandings and her app going viral at school. Now, Gigi not only has to work on repairing her friendships, she also has to try and salvage her project if she still wants to land her dream gig.

The Old Woman with the Knife

South Korean author Gu Byeong-Mo's English language debut is a suspense-filled thriller like nothing you've ever read before. The Old Woman with the Knife follows Hornclaw, a 65-year-old woman who also happens to be an assassin. These days she lives with her dog and tries to lead a quiet life, but she still takes jobs from time to time. However, she's not quite as cold as she once was, which causes her to become too close to a target. For the first time, she has formed an emotional connection with the person she's supposed to kill, and that mistake could cost Hornclaw her life.