Ali Zafar

My appeal to the respected education minister and the @GovtofPakistan. It is extremely important that we empower the children in madrassas with the books that can help them become the next Ibn e Haytham. #education #science #research #innovation #technology #invention

Ali Zafar request the sitting government to look after and empower the children studying in madrassas with the kind of education that enables them to succeed and leave a mark in the fields of information technology, science and research.

Gohar Rasheed FC

Everybody loves to laugh and if you want to enjoy a brainless Punjabi comedy film then mark the date 2nd September 2022. #ShotCut (A Punjabi feature film) will be releasing in cinemas near you. This film is a special token of love for all our overseas Punjabi families.

Actor Gohar Rasheed just recently announced his upcoming film Shot Cut, which will release later this year. The actor shared that the film is a ‘brainless comedy Punjabi film’ the audience will thoroughly enjoy and is a token of love for the overseas Punjabi families. In times like these we just can’t wait to get entertained with an enjoyable all-rounder comedy movie.

Mehwish Hayat TI

Thank you @sweetyhigh for this really nice interview. So excited to reach out and connect with your young fans and tell them about my country and share my journey. All part of building bridges between our cultures.

Actress Mehwish Hayat is nowadays busy promoting her upcoming film London Nahi Jaunga, and for the course of that she recently gave an interview to an international forum in which she shared bits and pieces about Pakistan and her career journey. According to the her, platforms and opportunities like these helps in building bridges between different cultures.