Saima & Resham – Hits on Television!

Film star Saima’s career can be divided in two phases: before Syed Noor and after Syed Noor! Before Shahjee, it was Sultan Rahi, all the way. Then, after Ghunghat, her hero was the director, who is her husband! You could see how much she improved after that film!

Later, when she worked for TV, she surprised everybody with her first serial, written and directed by the inimitable Khalilur Rehman Qamar, titled Sooli, based on the events before Partition. Saima did well, and the serial won acclaim. The TV serials to follow for her were all mostly appreciated, namely Piya Naam Ka Diya, Kaneez etc. She’s rumoured to be asking for an exorbitant amount for a future serial, which has been agreed to.

That’s not the usual story for other Lollywood girls though. Both, Resham and Saima had worked on TV during the time they were acting on the silver screen. As for expressive talent, Resham is way ahead of any film actress, who has acted on the tube. She had become a star already in Syed Noor’s Jeeva. Back in the 90s, she won stars for Bano Qudsia’s tragic hit, Amar Bail a few. Later, in the serials after the start of the millennium, she became a top of the list female to be paired with the best like Nauman Ijaz and others. I remember how she excelled in a meaningful role in Mohabbat Jaye Bhaar Mein, which was well written by Faseeh Bari Khan about a flat system, where scandals are born galore. Similarly, one can’t forget her work in Sanjha, doing a very different persona, with Suhaee Abro in title role, and Nauman Ijaz and Rehan Sheikh to name a few.