The Golden Couple

Bestselling writing duo Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen are back with their another electrifying thriller named The Golden Couple. On the outside, Marissa and Matthew Bishop are the perfect couple, but behind closed doors their marriage is falling apart. Enter Avery, a therapist who still counsels couples despite losing her professional license. She agrees to help them save their marriage as long as they agree not to question her unorthodox methods. But when their counselling sessions begin, it quickly becomes apparent that there are more secrets between this unlikely trio than anyone could have expected.

The Last Suspicious Holdout

Ladee Hubbard returns with The Last Suspicious Holdout, a collection of 15 interlocking stories about members of a suburban African American community. The stories unfold between 1992-2007, when the Black middle-class was expanding, despite sensationalist and racist stories about ‘welfare queens’ taking over the media. Characters move seamlessly between stories as Hubbard chronicles a father's attempts to keep his son in private school despite rising tuition costs, and delves into the life of a young woman who watches her mother invent fanciful stories about the grandfather she never met. The end result is a bold, moving, and unforgettable portrait of Black Americans.

The Way Spring Arrives and Other Stories

The Way Spring Arrives and Other Stories is a groundbreaking collection of Chinese science fiction and fantasy stories that have never been translated into English before. Edited by Yu Chen and Regina Kanyu Wang, the collection covers a wide expanse of stories that transport readers from the ends of the galaxy to the island of the gods. In one story, roses perform Shakespearian plays, and in another patron go to great lengths to eat at a dinner at the end of the universe. Each story is wholly unique and endlessly imaginative in a way that's sure to leave the readers craving for more.