At the time when majority of the artistes saw Pakistani music scene stagnant, Falak denied it altogether. And why not, with throngs of concerts in Pakistan and all over the world, singles released at regular intervals and collaboration with international artistes. With so much going on in his music, MAG considered it pertinent to speak with this extremely talented artiste. Falak joins us for a quick and fun rapid fire. Here are 60 seconds from his life. Excerpts:

What is the story of your music?

My music is simple. Straight from my heart! Whatever lyrics come to me, I jot them down and then play along. Nothing complicated or overworked.

Tell us about your growth from the Rog days? How do you see yourself as an artiste today?

I have grown as an artiste; I believe that the learning curve should always be increasing. And, I thrive on making myself a better artiste. I struggled a lot but kept working hard. I stayed true to my roots and here I am with such loyal fans who enjoy my music. I’m all because of the love from my fans.

How important are collaborations?

Very important! You get to experience and learn through the other person.

How does a video add value to the track?

If it is done right, it adds immense value but sadly it’s the budget that takes the video down and does not sync in with the song.

How do you see the present Pakistani music scene?

It’s growing and evolving and that’s a happy sight for us musicians.

Have you received any acting offers?

Yes, I have. However, at the moment I am focusing solely on my music.

What is the importance of social media for music?

Social media is what the whole world is revolving around. Back in the days you had to make an effort and work hard for labels to sign you. Now you put up a song on YouTube and you are done.

It has been noticed that your videos have millions of hits on YouTube. Do hits define an artiste’s success?

I won’t say success solely matters on it, but yes, this is the new trend. It’s the race of the ‘likes’ and ‘shares’.

How do you think you can play a role as an artiste for the betterment of society?

Your society needs some skilled resource for its betterment, so try to be one for it. If you are good at something, try to be the best. If you are not good at anything, try to be at least good in something.

Do you have any tours in the pipeline?

Yes, there are many national and international tours in the pipeline.