• 16 Jul - 22 Jul, 2022
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Fashion

While one traditionally chooses to opt for darker colours like blue, black and shades of grey, this monsoon has seen an increasing use of bright colours. In sync with the trends that were set in summer, neons, pinks, yellows and other such happy colours have found a predominant place in the wardrobes of people this season. These not only look trendy but can also brighten up an otherwise gloomy rainy day. Colour therapy at its best, we say. So this rainy season, chuck the dull colours and add some bright ones to look vibrant and confident in your attire. Here are five amazing colours for you to explore this monsoon season. Happy Monsoon!

The overarching trend for 2022 has been dopamine dressing, and the colour yellow is the flag bearer of this trend. After spending two years inside our homes in loungewear, people are ready to step out into clothes that evoke optimism and joy.

Rains remind us of aquatic colours and green surely is in vogue during monsoon. A charming and lovely colour, outfits in green look amazing for the season. This monsoon, choose a stylish bottle green outfit to look radiant and gorgeous in the attire.

Look monsoon-ready and slay the season in style with the bright blue colour. A perfect choice for a dull, gloomy day, lift your spirits wearing this bright attire and look completely trendy. Adding hints of orange can make the outfit stand out more.

Red rules all seasons and monsoon are no different. One of the hippest and hot colours, red looks fabulous for any occasion. This monsoon, you can choose a bright red to put on a stylish boho look. Just pair it with the right accessories and feel the transformation.

Stripes have long been a wardrobe staple. However, this monsoon designers favoured stripes of a colourful kind, giving the classic stripes a twist in the form of thick bands of orange, black, yellow and white and making them perfect for the rainy weather.