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  • 16 Jul - 22 Jul, 2022
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The prettiest lip stains and tints that basically last forever

When the temperatures heat up (and honestly, even when they don’t), few seasonal switch-ups compare to trading out those heavier, more pigmented lipsticks, pencils, and lacquers for a subtler lip tint. With no worries about your colour of choice travelling down your face, taking away focus from your outfit, or requiring too-frequent touchups, a lightly-shaded lip tint or lip balm bathes your lips in just enough colour while simultan-eously soothing and hydrating that delicate, sensitive skin. The best lip tints out there are equal parts lip care and makeup, never sacrificing pigment for moisture – or vice versa.

Below, we shopped out some of the best low-key lip tints available right now, all of which are ideal for on-the-go application, worry-free colour, and the sort of effortless sheen and plumping that comes with an ingredient list that makes lip care and nourishment a real priority. No matter your preferred colour, finish, or packaging aesthetic, there’s a perfect lip tint out there – and this list makes sure of it.

Clarins Water Lip Stain

We love the Clarins Water Lip Stain's transfer-proof formula – comprised of 77 per cent water – as well as its slightly sheer finish. Key ingredients in this include soothing aloe vera, moisturising glycerin, and antioxidant-rich camellia sinensis leaf extract (aka green tea).

Colourpop Fresh Kiss Glossy Lip Stain

Glossy formulas don't always have the staying power of a more matte finish, but Colourpop's Fresh Kiss Glossy Lip Stain shines and doesn't budge. The water-based tint keeps lips hydrated even after it dries down. The stain also has antioxidant-enriched guava and lychee extracts to protect the skin in this area from free-radical damage.

Dior Dior Addict Lip Tattoo

The Dior Dior Addict Lip Tattoo grips onto lips for almost two days straight – it's that deserving of its body art-inspired name. Pick from playful pinks, peaches, deeper berries like Natural Berry, and browns for lips that stay pigmented for at least 10 hours.

Armani Beauty Ecstasy Mirror Lip Gloss

Although Armani Beauty Ecstasy Mirror Lip Gloss isn't technically categorised as a lip stain or tint, it acts like one. When you first coat your lips, there's a high-shine finish, but blot it and the texture will shift from glossy to matte. The subdued hue stays the same and sticks to lips.

I'm Meme I'm Tic Toc Tint Lip Cashmere

Click the bottom of the I'm Meme I'm Tic Toc Tint Lip Cashmere once to dispense the perfect amount of product. The tint is like a balm, so it won't cling to dry patches on your lips, but instead, the cream will keep them soft and supple.

Etude House Dear Darling Water Gel Tint

Etude House Dear Darling Water Gel Tint could withstand a zombie apocalypse if you ask us. And you'll have plenty of product to hold you over because a little bit of the pigmented, gel-like formula goes a long way. We like to blend it into lips with a cotton swab to avoid the formula from staining her finger.

Rare Beauty Lip Souffle Matte Cream Lipstick

The Rare Beauty Lip Souffle Matte Cream Lipstick offers a smooth, velvety finish. It's also infused with free radical-fighting vitamin E. The 12 shades include Inspire (a bright red known as Selena Gomez's go-to), Heroic (a rich berry), Thrilling (a stunning brown), and Motivate (a watermelon-hued hot pink). We like to blot the lipstick down, consequently transforming it into a true stain.

InnBeauty Project Glaze Lip Oil

We recommend InnBeauty's Project Glaze Lip Oil for its juicy finish. The non-sticky formula, infused with lip-plumping actives, also features antioxidant-rich pomegranate seed oil and moisturising jojoba seed oil. Glaze #1 is our current favourite thanks to its dark tint; however, you can also snag it in Frosé, a frosted pink.

Smashbox Always On Liquid Lipstick

Smashbox Always On Liquid Lipstick is one of our favourites. Not only is the stain waterproof, but it's also infused with a blend of moisturising jojoba, apricot, and sunflower oils. Choose from 18 shades, which include beautiful browns, deep reds, and rich berries. For a true stain-like finish, we recommend blotting it down after applying.

YSL Vinyl Cream Lip Stain

YSL Vinyl Cream Lip Stain is a high-impact pigment with a glossy shine and its creamy formula is designed to last up to 10 hours, while the diamond-shaped tip allows for precise application. It comes in seven colors, including 409 Burgundy Vibes (rich red), 417 Nude (classic nude), and 412 Rose Mix (rosy pink).

Peptides for skin

Peptides are one of the buzziest ingredients making their mark on the skincare industry. By now, you’ve probably seen peptides for skin in their many forms (moisturisers, serums, masks) on the shelves of your favourite beauty supply shops or on your Instagram feed as the star of many an influencer’s skincare routines. However, you might be wondering what this ingredient actually is and exactly how peptides for skin can benefit your own visage.

Keep reading to learn more about this protein-rich skincare ingredient.

The benefits

1. Peptides help hydrate the skin

If you have dry skin, you really need to look for peptides in your skincare as they provide a fresh and revitalised appearance to dry skin!

2. They firm and tighten the skin

Time is hard on skin, which is why it’s always great to find a product that helps firm up those areas that have, well, shall we say, “gone south?” Peptides are great for this!

4. They leave skin feeling smoother and calmer

It’s amazing how stress, environmental factors, and even diet can make skin look and feel like it’s on a roller coaster. Peptides can really help calm skin down (sadly, as far as we know it cannot do the same for the mind!).

5. They help beautify the skin

Have you ever gone through one of those long, lazy periods–maybe after finishing a big project at work or during a staycation–where you just wear sweats for what seems like months on end and barely remember the last time you even washed your face (even though we recommend doing it twice a day!)? You know how great it feels when you finally get your act together to put on some real clothes and some makeup? That’s sort of how peptides often work. They sense that your skin could use a pick-me up and then get to work!

6. They’re anti-aging

Seriously, anyone over 30 not seeking out peptides in their skin care routine is missing a great anti-aging tool. From keeping the skin tight and firm to making sure it stays hydrated, peptides should be a part of your routine no matter what your age!

7. They minimise the appearance of large pores

Those of us with large pores know how hard it is to minimise their appearance. Peptides are a big help in that area!

8. They lessen the appearance of occasional redness

If you suffer from occasional redness you know how tough it can be to mask it. Peptides can offer some relief in that area!

9. They give skin back its natural glow

By caring for the skin with its natural defenses, peptides help restore skin’s vitality and glow!