Natasha Noorani’s fun song ‘Faltu Pyar’ immerged as a constant on our playlist

Natasha Noorani recently dropped her song Faltu Pyar, and the catchy single instantly proved to be an ear-candy. The singer went behind the scenes to talk about how the song came about. Weeks ago, Spotify Pakistan shared a clip of Noorani talking about her latest song in collaboration with Hasan Raheem and Talal Qureshi. “Pro-tip: If you’re tired of your situation-ship, we have a song for you,” they captioned the video. The Choro singer said the singers had great chemistry right off the bat. “The creative process was really fun because Talal, Hasan and I just decided to make lots of music. We were just kind of riffing off each other – Hasan was coming up with guitar parts, I was coming up with synth parts and Talal was doing what Talal does best which is make killer beats and so it was just a lot of synergy that was really fun.” Noorani said the lyrics are “a fun take” on a breakup situation where the girl has had enough and the relationship is over. The singer concluded by dedicating the song to “all the young women who are settling for mediocre boys – it’s not worth it, don’t do it.”