Faris Shafi hits all the right chords with new emotional rap song ‘Hum’

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Emotional rap songs are no longer a foreign concept in the industry of hip hop music. Music has always been a powerful way to express and convey emotions. Rap songs might seem too upbeat to listen to when you are depressed. Besides, people often think rap songs are about arrogance, brutality, and materialism. But over the past years, the concept has changed. Rap artists are now expressing their emotional and touching feelings and dark thoughts into their compelling lyrics. One such rapper to express his emotional side through powerful lyrics is Faris Shafi. He recently dropped his single titled Hum. The rap is about the singer’s troubled bond with his absentee father. Faris has dedicated the video to his father, Syed Parvaiz Shafi, who passed away in 2017. This one is definitely number one in our sad rap songs collection.