Yasir Nawaz adapts to the new normal; gives ‘Chakkar’ a YouTube premiere

Going virtual

There was no bustling red carpet, no sponsor-festooned step-and-repeat, no designer dresses, no roving publicists clad in black, their eyes scanning the guest list to make sure everyone there was, in fact, supposed to be there. Ever since the pandemic hit, directors and producers have been adapting to this new normal of virtual events, with movies, festivals, and albums, all getting a virtual release. On 10th July, murder-mystery and thriller titled Chakkar starring Ahsan Khan and Neelam Muneer had a premiere, but the premiere was entirely virtual. It served as a preview for how the industry at large may adapt to the uncharted world of digital events – attempting to imbue them with a touch of the magic you’d find at an in-person soiree. Director Yasir Nawaz broke the news over his Instagram with a video and caption that read as, “Watch CHAKKAR on Farid Nawaz Productions YouTube channel on 10TH July Eid ul Adha.”