Pirate Gold Of Adak Island

  • 16 Jul - 22 Jul, 2022
  • Mag The Weekly

Pirate Gold Of Adak Island is a reality series that documents an attempt by an elite treasure hunting team to find approximately $365 million of gold buried around the Adak Island. Thom Spitler, mayor of the town of Adak, is counting on finding this treasure as a way of lifting the flagging fortunes of his town, which only has 45 residents. It took him a number of years to assemble what he feels is an expert treasure hunting team that will be able to find the rest of Dwargstof’s treasure. Brian Weed is a technologist that finds treasure using state-of-the-art gadgets; Adak natives Burke Mitchell and Jay Toomoth can fabricate tools from found materials; Dr M Jackson is a geographer who knows the history of what the island’s topography was like before the military took over. Spitler himself is an expert in ordinance disposal, which comes in handy on an island full of unexploded and neglected bombs buried underground. The team will split five per cent of whatever they find, which could potentially mean a multimillion-dollar payday for each of them, and Adak will get the rest. One of the things that surprised us about Pirate Gold Of Adak Island is just how calm it is. The narration isn’t what we’d call relaxed, but it doesn’t have the urgent tone of other series of this ilk.