• 16 Jul - 22 Jul, 2022
  • Mag The Weekly

Netflix movie Blasted is about five dudes at a weekend bachelor party, but the title doesn’t refer to what happens with them. No, this is a sci-fi flick offering us ray guns and aliens, running and shooting, and jokes, in what is a mashup of genres. Hessdalen: a remote woodsy area in central Norway. Not much happens there, except the strange phenomena of floating green light-globs that locals theorise are of extraterrestrial origin. The movie gives us an answer right away, as we see the globs take over the brains of a scientist and a YouTuber. Cut to: Sebastian (Axel Boyum), a small-time hedge-fund manager nervously preparing a presentation. His buddies Pelle (Eirik Hallert), a weirdo in goofy clothes, and Audun (Mathias Luppichini), a weirdo in a suit, interrupt to tell him they’re throwing a surprise bachelor party for him. They’ll hang out in a cabin in Hessdalen and playing board games. Wild card No. 1: Sebastian’s investment pitch to rich guy Kasper (Andre Sorum) bombs, and, out of desperation, and rather improbably, he invites Kasper. And now the pressure’s on to entertain him. Wild card No. 2: Sebastian’s fiance surprises him by inviting Mikkel (Fredrik Skogsrud) to the party. Seb and Mikkel were once crowned Europe’s greatest laser tag duo, with their photo in the newspaper. It’s hard to get too fired up about Blasted, an amiable enough comedy whose primary failing is trying too hard.