Earthy tones

For some of us, the word "neutral" may be synonymous with "boring," but it doesn't have to be this way. Warm, earth-toned colours make any space feel inviting and homey, as opting for a nature-inspired paint colour can bring instant coziness to a room. From deep reds and tans to inviting cool grays and beiges, picking swatches reminiscent of the outdoors makes for a soothing home. To help give you some ideas on how to create an aesthetically pleasing sanctuary, we’ve rounded up our favourite earth-toned decor ideas ahead. Read on:

Layer on the warmth with plush earth tone rugs.

In neutral living rooms, try decorating with orange chairs for a sunny pop of colour.

Rustic wall motifs blend well into multiple decor styles.

Bedside table lamps or floor lamps with off-white shades and gorgeous aqua bases give the whole room an inviting glow.

Pillows and throws in earth tones add comfort and colour to your layout while making spaces feel calm and inviting.

House plants are a refreshing way to bring the outdoors in and help energise your room’s layout.