TW. Do you know it is forbidden to slaughter an animal in front of the other? Do you know it is forbidden to cause pain, suffering and stress to them? Do you know how many caveats there are to ‘qurbaani’? If these are not being met then it isn’t a sacrifice, is it? Just abuse.

Armeena Khan schools people on how the rules of qurbaani on Eid ul Azha are very conveniently ignored every year which are the basic gist of the spirit of this Eid. We shouldn’t in any way cause pain and suffering to our sacrificial animals ensuring that the protocols are followed correctly.

Adnan Siddiqui

As Karachi is almost submerged, the government and the local admin caught napping again. No lessons learnt from the past, no combat measures in place. Common man suffers. #everymonsoonstory

It tears our hearts to see Karachi, the highest tax grossing city of Pakistan, suffer immensely every year due to rain. Adnan Siddiqui calls out the government and the city administration for not taking preventive measures in order to deal with any severe situation caused by the rain.


The wait is finally over!! Presenting to you, the release date of highly anticipated film Tich Button, featuring your favourite superstars! Releasing on 28th October, 2022 in cinemas!!

Urwa Hocane, who is a newly turned producer and is very soon coming with her first big screen flick Tich Button, has just recently announced the date of her upcoming film which is set to release later this year.