23 July, 1962 – First live transatlantic television signal

Telstar 1, a communications satellite relayed the world's first transatlantic television signal in the form of a show that featured Walter Cronkite.

24 July, 1977 – The four-day long Libyan-Egyptian War came to an end

The border war began with thousands of Libyans marching towards Egypt's borders.

25 July, 1976 – The famous Face on Mars photo was taken

Viking 1, the first space probe to successfully land on Mars took the famous photo of the Cydonia region on the Red Planet.

26 July, 1847 – The country of Liberia was founded

The West African state was founded primarily by freed slaves from the United States. The Liberian constitution was based on the US's constitution.

27 July, 1940 – Bugs Bunny's official debut

Bugs Bunny made his official debut in A Wild Hare.

28 July, 1821 – Peru declared independence

The Peruvian War of Independence against Spain began in 1811 and ended with a declaration of inde-pendence under the leadership of José de San Martín.

29 July, 1981 – Wedding of Charles, Prince of Wales, and Lady Diana Spencer

The most talked about wedding of the year was watched on television by millions of people worldwide. The couple was married in St Paul's Cathedral, London.