Mr Malcolm's List

Soon to be a movie starring Constance Wu and Sam Heughan, Mr Malcolm's List by Suzanne Allain is a delicious regency romance that's perfect for Jane Austen fans. Mr Malcolm is a highly eligible, extremely picky bachelor in search of the perfect wife. Meanwhile, Selina is the one woman who seems to meet all of his criteria, but before she'll say yes to Mr Malcolm, he's going to have to show her that he has more to offer than a handsome face and desirable position in society.

The Daughters of Foxcote Manor

Gothic mystery The Daughters of Foxcote Manor by Eve Chase alternates between the past and the present to tell a story of mothers and daughters that's as chilling as it is moving. In 1970, the Harrington family relocates to the eerie Foxcote Manor after a fire destroys their London home. In the countryside, someone leaves a baby on their doorstep, leading to a mystery that continues to haunt the family decades later.

AL&CO Brand Book

Arslan Larik – the CEO and founder of Arslan Larik & Company (AL&CO), Master Trainer, Master Coach and International Speaker, is a highly respected and sought after Coach and Trainer who has coached thousands of individuals and trained over 500,000 people globally. With over a decade of experience in Coaching, Consulting and Training, his purpose is to transform people’s lives so that they can unleash their potential and create an extraordinary life for themselves. His brand AL&CO stands to facilitate any individual who wishes to add to their personal development and is ready to make the necessary commitment. Keeping his purpose alive, he brings you the AL&CO Brand Book.