What are some of the most common nutrition mistakes that you see people making?

One of the biggest mistakes we see people making is not eating enough fruits and vegetables. Many people think that if they eat healthy foods like lean meats and whole grains, they don’t need to eat as many fruits and veggies. However, these foods provide essential vitamins and minerals that our bodies need. Another mistake we often see is skipping meals or snacks. Skipping meals can lead to overeating later on because we’re so hungry.

How would you help a client who is struggling to lose weight?

We would first ask the client what they’re doing currently to lose weight. We’d want to know if they’ve been counting calories, exercising or following any other diet plans. Then, we’d look at their current eating habits and exercise routine to see if there are any changes we could suggest to help them reach their goal. For example, if they aren’t getting enough sleep, we might recommend they try going to bed earlier so they can get more rest.

How does bad nutrition affect your skin?

A poor diet can lack the nutrients to support your skin. It can mean you don’t have enough antioxidants and omega 3 fatty acids which help keep the skin elastic and free from damage. A high sugar diet can also increase the stress hormone cortisol; which can equal breakouts. Also too much animal fat can head to an increased production of free radicals, which can interfere with skin health on a cellular level. This is a really interesting tip, especially for people who suffer with acne! Even people who follow a low fat diet can have skin problems as the skin still needs some fat. The good kind can be found in certain nuts and olive oil.

What items in the supermarket are best avoided for general wellbeing?

Doughnuts, pastries and other confectionary. Although they feel good at the time, the nutritional value of these items is very poor. But we all deserve a treat from time to time so choose dark chocolate over 80 per cent. Fizzy drinks should be totally avoided – have sparkling water if you need a fizzy fix. Fruit juices are full of sugar, so avoid! Why not make your own, or a healthy smoothie, with vegetables too? Diet foods and low fat foods can be full of sugar – so be sure to check the label.