Wasim Akram

What a victory by Pakistan team! Such victories accelerate your progress and will transform this unit into a formidable one… one that will have the confidence to achieve the toughest of targets. GO up, up and UP Pakistan team! #PAKvSL

Sabeeka Imam

Sometimes I feel that social media platforms should just remove the comments sections because we just don't deserve them. We have fought decades to get freedom of speech but people are now misusing it as freedom of verbal diarrhea!

Ali Zafar

It is about time that women get all that they deserve and the least we can do as men is to acknowledge that and bring that awareness. A society that enables its women to shine in all areas of life is a healthy and progressive society.


Unfortunately, many airports are experiencing ridiculously long waiting times for pre-flight security. Spent 90 minutes at the Montreal airport in queue. Now all boarded on an @AirCanada flight but they just told us the flight is waiting for catering trucks. Apparently they forgot.

Ahsan Mohsin Ikram

An honest and dedicated leader couldn’t fix Pakistan’s problems in 3.5 years as it is corrupt to the core and these people think that they can turn Pakistan around… 30 years you could not change Pakistan and now you can do it in 12 months? Are you joking with us or yourself?