Pretty & Practical

Having flamboyant details and superlative silhouettes, these covetable outfits are a must-have

When it comes to Pakistani fashion, the kind of details and silhouettes in fashion is the first thing we all want to get our hands on. The past years, we donned everything from straight and cropped to flared styles. Now we’re all set to ride into the year remaining with sheer comfort and elegance.

If fitted dresses aren’t your thing and you’d rather go long and flowy, you’re in luck because the flared silhouette is a major trend for the season! Rigid, form-fitting notions of style are being tossed aside this season. Apart from flowy silhouettes, the topic of asymmetrical hemlines is making rounds in global fashion. Widely versatile, easy to carry and flattering for body types that are trickier to style, asymmetrical silhouettes are a contemporary blessing to the world of fashion, and by the looks of it, here to stay awhile.

High-low cuts are also being experimented by high end designers. But straight cuts are the classiest of them all. You can opt for a short, long or knee length shirt and you are good to go. A shirt with a straight silhouette looks quite flattering.

That said, this season is all about wearing what you feel comfortable in. Nowadays, all the designers are experimenting with straight trousers, cropped cigarette pants, bell bottoms and not to forget the oh-so popular palazzo pants. Yes, now you have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to lowers!

Coordination: Umer Mushtaq
Hair & Makeup: Humaira Shahnawaz Salon
Designer: Yasmin Zaman
Photography & Styling: Hussain Piart
Model: Zeenia Ajaar