Women and men are not rehabilitation centres for badly behaved spouses/partners. Don’t get married or be in a relationship unless you know how to treat your other half with respect, love, sacrifice and patience. You damage others this way. Also marriage/partnership isn’t slavery. Sometimes people are incompatible fundamentally and it is okay to part ways to find a better fit. It is one life only.

We just couldn’t disagree with Armeena Khan here. The actress is extremely vocal and doesn’t shy away from putting her view point forward. She believes that people are not supposed to become rehabilitation centres for their abusive and problematic spouses. She also advised on not getting married to someone who doesn’t respect you as person. Also, she added that going separate ways when a couple is not compatible is totally normal.

#Happyquarantinetome #Covid positive, the only kind of positive I am not a fan of, yet truly grateful to be home, to be comfortable, to be recovering, to be looked after. Thank you to all who’ve been sending prayers my way. Hopefully, I shall be back on my feet and back to work real soon.

Mask up people! Covid is on the rise again in Pakistan. The number of reporting cases is increasing every day and it seems like the virus isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. After Hareem Farooq, Mawra Hussain is the latest celebrity to have contracted the corona virus. We wish the actress a speedy recovery.

Abduction/marriage/relations with a minor is indeed something the media should highlight and the public should condemn. However, can we shed the same light and attention to underage girls belonging to minorities being forced to convert and marry? #minorityrights #duazehra

With reference to the much hyped Dua Zehra case where a minor was kidnapped and eventually got married to the guy who allegedly is the kidnapper. Ushna Shah states that it is surely a condemnable act but she also highlights the issue of forcing underage girls from minority communities into converting and marrying outside of their religion. The actress said that it needs the same kind attention in order to control such incidents.