All in the jeans

  • 06 Aug - 12 Aug, 2022
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Fashion

Denim anxiety was already an issue after a year of pandemic. Jeans had become "hard pants" and it was difficult to imagine wearing anything with a zipper. So, if you are nervously assessing your outdated denim in anticipation of leaving the house this year, then pay attention. We've put together the best new styles of our favourite jeans, from polished cuts to casual weekend pairs.

Just jeggings

Introducing denim’s athleisure-influenced cousin: the jegging. These are perfect for the comfort of a pair of leggings with the styling of a classic jeans.

Revamped skinnies

No, skinny jeans are not "out," but your old pair is definitely in need of a refresh. These mid-rise skinny jeans give the old ones a cool, lived-in feel.

Denim culottes

Think of denim culottes as the ultra-polished relative of your standard jeans. We suggest denim culottes for anyone looking to stand out from the bunch.

Super slouchy

When it comes to slightly trendier styles, there’s one key look that’s a front-runner right now. We’re talking about slouchy jeans.

The wide leg

A very versatile pair of jeans, the wide leg can be worn as a go to pair or styled with in a variety of looks.

Flattering flares

In case you haven't noticed, flared jeans are coming back. This pair will make you understand why (flattering! lengthens legs! looks amazing with heels!).

Straight fit

If you are going to spend money on just one pair of jeans in your closet, investing in a pair of straight ones is a good place to start.

Frilly hems

While it seemed like the natural progression of jeans would be an even higher hem, it turns out designers are turning to a new sartorial accoutrement: frill-hems.