Uphill – a book written by Zohra.G.Salahuddin – is a must read. The story is of two Karachi University students Jamil and Yusra, who are deeply in love. Each nobly bred and determined to achieve independence, the young Pakistanis hastily marry against their parents' wishes and leave their future precariously hanging in the balance.

Their journey together is not easy as the couple forgoes all the luxuries, endures humiliation, and faces discrimination. As their challenges take a toll on their lives and threaten to unravel their relationship, Jamil and Yusra must deal with well-meaning but interfering relatives and nosy but benevolent neighbours as they attempt to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles. With unflinching support from Jamil's best friend and Yusra's grandmother, the couple attempts to maneuver out of their marital mess. But as the future waits, even Jamil and Yusra are unsure if they can achieve the happily-ever-after they have always wanted.

From the posh drawing rooms of Clifton to the modest dwellings in Gulshan e Iqbal, Uphill is a riveting tale of love, friendship, sacrifice, and suffering as a young Pakistani couple fights for their marriage, peace, and acceptance.

The Book of Cold Cases

Simone St. James specialises in writing haunting thrillers, and The Book of Cold Cases will definitely give you chills. True crime blogger Shea spends her nights delving into unsolved murder cases, but she gets more than she bargained for when she begins investigating the 1977 Lady Killer Murders. Years ago, Beth Greer was acquitted of the murders, and swiftly moved back to her isolated mansion. Now, she has agreed to be interviewed by Shea, who visits her at her spooky manor. It's not long before Shea begins to notice strange occurrences in Beth's home, but by then it's far too late for her to turn her back on the unusual case.