The Gray Man

  • 06 Aug - 12 Aug, 2022
  • Mag The Weekly

The Gray Man is a very expensive Netflix action movie starring Ryan Gosling as a class-A top-shelf mercenary heads hotter from the CIA. Reuniting with their Captain from America, Chris Evans, who plays the most hate able bad guy in recent memory. He’s known only as Six (Gosling). The CIA plucked him out of prison and turned him into a remorseless assassin. We first see him in action in Bangkok. Six is assigned by his CIA superiors Carmichael (Rege Page) and Suzanne (Jessica Henwick) to, of course, kill a guy. Agent Dani Miranda (Ana de Armas) is his helper. The target ends up being another member of the same elite cadre of slayers-for-hire that Six belongs to. That doesn’t sit well with Six, the guy tells him this in the space between being fatally stabbed and his journey to the Great Unknown. Around the dead guy’s neck is an encrypted microchip. There are developments. The microchip has incriminating stuff on it that Carmichael would rather not see get out there. So he sic’s Lloyd on Six. The conflict implicates Six’s mentor, Fitzroy (Billy Thornton), and his niece (Julia Butters), who has the misfortune of having a pacemaker and dead parents and being friends with Six, therefore, making her eminently kidnappable by Lloyd. With its glib tone and breakneck pace. The Gray Man is quite obviously not to be taken seriously, but is it parody or satire? It seems to border on one or the other.

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