Woman 'almost had a heart attack' when she saw chucky – who was actually a 5-year-old jokester

  • 06 Aug - 12 Aug, 2022
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Mag Files

It might not be Halloween, but for one Chucky-loving child, that didn't matter. Earlier last month, Kendra Walden posted a series of photographs to her Facebook page that showed someone dressed up like a Chucky doll from the 1988 horror film Child's Play walking around an Alabama neighbourhood. "Dear Parents of the little boy in the Chucky costume in Pinson. GET YOUR KID," she wrote in the post, which showed the child resembling the red-haired doll walking around the street in overalls. "I almost had a heart attack." The pictures quickly went viral, garnering more than 52,000 likes and 108,000 shares on the platform after Walden posted them on July 13. Walden told Today she thought she was seeing things when the Chucky doll appeared in the street as she was on her way home. "I was remodelling a house in the area and me and some of my employees were headed home from that house," she told the outlet. She added, "When we got closer to him, we saw that it was real. It scared the heck out of us." When Walden and the group drove back around, she said the boy who was wearing the Chucky mask had briefly taken it off but put it back on when he noticed them returning. After Walden's post went viral, she said the boy's mother reached out to her over Facebook, and that's when she found out the boy behind the mask was five years old.