Going Green

The 14th of August is upon us. If your decor isn’t ready, there’s still time to get your green and white and show off your Pakistani pride. In addition to flags, consider items for your porch, patio or deck such as signs, bunting and wreaths. A doormat, pillows and tablecloths also make a celebratory statement. Here are some unique decorations that work with white and green in the most refreshing way and yield gorgeous results. Read on:

Start your day off right with a custom patriotic themed coffee mug that you will love to add to your morning routine.

Make your celebration even more unique by placing national monuments as statement pieces.

Let freedom ring every hour. This clock brings that small dose of patriotism to whatever room you're decorating.

Add style and jazba to your gatherings with a set of green and white coasters.

Grab these large green foil balloons to let everyone know what big milestone event you are celebrating!

Add little bit of Pak pride to your home with our flag’s grunge wall art.