Nadia Jamil

Prayer, love, commitment equals magic. Nuri was declared ‘#blind’ at birth. I took her home with white clouds covering her pupils. After several procedures, regular treatment and TLC, one eye is over 60% improved. She loves her new glasses. Consider #adoption. Your child is waiting for you.

Iqra Aziz

Oreo celebrated #PAK75TAN in the most unique way! They’ve launched a Special Edition Cookie that is playful, yet super patriotic. What a tribute by Oreo to our beloved Pakistan! #75YearsYoung

Shehzad Roy

We are heading towards a scary future. Space pregnancies to keep a balance, so that there is enough space for everyone and everyone can have a good quality of life. Good job Ayesha Leghari and team. @PSIimpact

Ushna Shah

Never in my over two decades of adoring #Beyonce have I felt the need to acquire the taste for her music. It has always been love at first listen. Although I laud her for taking risks, #Renaissance just isn’t for me… so far. I am wondering if the fact that she promoted this album to a degree, something she hasn’t done in years (announced release date, posted promos) was because she knew this one was a greater risk? I’m a bit sad, I waited so long for her to release something I’m not in love with.

Mansha Pasha

Many congrats to my friend @RoshaanKhattak whose film, The State of Dissent, has been shortlisted for the best student documentary at the Oscars. @TheAcademy