One Night on the Island

Prepare to have your heart warmed by One Night on the Island by Josie Silver. Just in time for her 30th birthday, Cleo Wilder heads off to Ireland for a solo retreat in a charming cabin where she plans to map out the next phase of her career. However, a mix-up leaves the cabin double-booked, forcing Cleo to share the space with Mack Sullivan, an American on a mission to trace his Irish roots. Neither one of them wants company, but until the next ferry comes they're stuck together, which might be exactly what they need, even if they can't see it at first.

The White Girl

Tony Birch is Australia's foremost indigenous writer, and The White Girl marks his stateside debut. This haunting novel is set in 1960s Australia, where racist laws threaten to separate a family due to the colour of a little girl's skin. Odette Brown has raised her fair-skinned granddaughter, Sissy, since her own daughter left the girl when she was just one. However, when the government realises the now 13-year-old Sissy is being raised by an Aboriginal family, they take steps to have her removed from Odette's care. Sissy and Odette aren't going to be separated without a fight.

The Do-Over

Both funny and relatable, The Do-Over by Bethany Turner is a rom-com about embracing imperfections and taking a chance on second chances. At 38, McKenna Keaton's life is falling apart. After devoting her adult life to her career, she is now being accused of a white collar crime she didn't commit. This in turn is leading to panic attacks and fears that the family curse, which predicts she won't live past 40. All in all, it's a bad time to go on a date, let alone her high school rival who is now a successful documentarian. But if she can't take a chance on love now, then when can she!