Alizeh Shah to star with Shahzad Sheikh and Sami Khan for drama ‘Muhabbat Ke Akhri Khani’

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Actors Alizeh Shah, Shahzad Sheikh and Sami Khan have teamed up for upcoming drama Muhabbat Ke Akhri Khani. Recently, Sami Khan shared the promo for the show on his Instagram account with the caption, “Every love story has a heroine, hero and a villain but in the gorgeous valleys and vales of Kashmir takes place a drama serial starring Alizeh Shah, Shahzad Sheikh and Sami Khan, coming soon.” The teaser starts with an aerial view of Kashmir and pans to a bridge as the narrator introduces the story. “There is Kashmir, there is another love story.” The voiceover announces that there will be “one heroine” and the camera moves to Shah in bridal attire running towards Sheikh at one end of the bridge as the narrator announces, “there will be one hero”. Sheikh smiles and holds up his arms ready to hug Shah but in an instant his expression changes. There are gunshots, Shah drops to the ground and Khan is standing behind her holding a gun. “And there will be one villain,” announces the narrator.