Sartorial Splendor

We are certainly nonimmune to the charms of these heartfelt if quirkily rendered expressions of patriotism

Our clothing today is filled with social and national significance, from the quality and cut of suits to the patterns and textiles used. We may not always think about it but our clothes are a form of visual information, from wealth to occupation or nationality. Class and social hierarchy were legally required in dressing for hundreds of years. Nationalism entered the picture later, often mimicking military uniforms. Today, nationalism is still apparent in fashion, sports and everyday clothing.

But mandatory form of dress to show your status is now gone. There are some cases where you might have to wear a uniform – like in some countries at school, or in particular jobs – but in your private life, you can choose what you wear.

That said, every year, independence day rolls around and fashionistas everywhere struggle with an important outfit decision: how does one reflect patriotism in their clothing without being too literal? And of course you want to show your patriotic spirit in your clothes, but how do you embrace the 14th August holiday without going overboard on the theme?

For children, wearing over-the-top patriotic outfits can be adorable, when done right. Men can also get away with it (within reason). However, for women who want to be a little more fashionable during the holiday, we recommend going the subtle route with displaying your patriotic spirit.

So, Happy Birthday, Pakistan! While you may be getting on in years, you’ve still retained your sense of independence and fun, which is what we love about you.

And while some might frown on the use of wearing reproductions of the flag on your clothes and accessories, we do not. We believe in life, liberty, and right to wear flag prints and colours. In honour of your special day, we've rounded up a bevy of beauties, each wearing their own interpretation of Pakistan.

Concept & Coordination: Umer Mushtaq
Hair & Makeup: Angie’s Salon
Photography & Styling: The Rohail
Featuring: Angie Marshall, Shanaz Ramzi, Juvaria Abbasi, Romaisa Khan, Hina Ashfaq, Ayesha Ibrahim & Rida Aurangzaib