Hadiqa Kiani

Thank you for the wonderful birthday wishes. On this birthday, by the grace of the Almighty and the prayers of my mother, I vow again to dedicate myself to the victims of the floods. I’m proud to announce my Vaseela Flood Relief campaign.

Renowned singer Hadiqa Kiani on account of her birthday, very proudly announced a flood relief campaign named Vaseela, which has been formed to help the victims of urban flooding.


We’ll understand “feminism” only when we understand that the world has plenty of space for all of us to co-exist without trying to suppress anyone. Isn’t that what “humanity” is really all about as well!

Urwa Hocane beliefs in co-existing. The actress explained that in order to understand the concept of feminism, one has to understand that we all are made very differently to co-exist and live together keeping aside all our differences.


People of Jammu and Kashmir are suffering from 70 years. Indian army troops have been brutally killing Kashmiris and locking them up in their houses. Violating human rights to its core. When will this bloodshed stop!!! #istandwithkashmir

Model turned actress Amna Ilyas stood up in support of innocent Kashmiris who have been facing the atrocities of the Indian forces since many years. It is about time that the world community should voice up in support of the Kashmiri people.