Peach Blossom Spring

Melissa Fu chronicles three generations of a Chinese family as they search for a place they can call home in her epic novel Peach Blossom Spring. Beginning in 1938 China, the story introduces Meilin, a young wife and mother, who is forced to flee her home with her four-year-old son as the Japanese army approaches. Years later, her son is a grown man who has settled in America, but he can't help but look back on his family's history and the many hardships they faced as immigrants. When his own daughter begins asking questions about their family history, he's forced to confront his difficult past.


Eloghosa Osunde's Vagabonds! is an astonishing work of magical realism. Set in Lagos, where the word "vagabonds" is just another way of saying a person's existence is outlawed, this novel follows a fashion designer who gives birth to an adult daughter, a politician who controls life and death, and a woman whose attendance of a spiritual gathering changes her entire world. On the surface, these people seem to have nothing in common, but they must all move through the world without attracting attention to themselves. They gather in secret corners of Lagos, as they try to avoid being seized by those who fear what they don't understand.

The Perfect Other

The Perfect Other by Kyleigh Leddy is an emotional memoir about the bond between sisters, and breaking the stigma surrounding discussions of mental health. As children, Leddy and her older sister Kait were inseparable, but as Kait entered young adulthood, her personality started to change. She began losing touch with reality, and lashing out against her family and others. Leddy and her mother tried to keep Kait's changes private, but eventually she was institutionalised and diagnosed with schizophrenia. Then in 2014, she disappeared, leaving Leddy and her mother wondering if they could have done things differently.