Sonya Hussyn’s upcoming drama ‘Jinhey Rastey Mai Khabar Hoi’ is the one to look out for

New drama

Sonya Hussyn’s new drama Jinhey Rastey Mai Khabar Hoi tells the story of the harsh reality faced by women today who prioritise their careers over opting for an early marriage. Hussyn spoke to a publication about the show and revealed, Noor ul Ain, is a strong-willed progressive girl who works hard and takes pride in supporting her family. “In this play, I’m getting the opportunity to depict another reality of our society – of failures and successes, a tug of war between expectations and aspirations,” she said. The actor described the plot saying it will prompt some hard-hitting questions in the viewer’s head. She added that the story will make the viewer feel the heartbreak and pain that Noor will feel, which she will eventually use to her advantage and become stronger. “Topics like these are rarely explored and that is what I found charming about [the script]. It’s very common for girls to be forced into getting married and told to pursue their careers after marriage. But after getting wed, circumstances for women change so drastically, it is not the same for men.” Jinhey Rastey Mai Khabar Hoi is a Six Sigma Plus production and is directed by Ali Masud Saeed.