The re-recorded 'inclusive' national anthem is out on the 75th anniversary of Pakistan's independence

Independence gift

A lot has changed in 75 years but the philosophy of Pakistan remains the same. In order to better represent it, the national anthem has been re-recorded to be inclusive of cultures, languages and traditions of Pakistan. Musicians from all over the country with diverse regional, cultural and ethnic backgrounds gathered and sang the anthem as one. Gender-balanced and inclusive of national musical talent, the re-recording used the original wording and score to create a sound that resonates with all Pakistanis. The diverse singers include Balochistan's Abid Brohi, Punjab's Arif Lohar, Sindh's Taj Mastani, KPK's Sehar Gul Khan, Gilgit Baltistan's Sidra Kanwal and many more. The video, in travelogue style, takes the viewer across Pakistan and features its regions and people, hand on heart, singing the anthem. It also depicts the variety of religions and professions found in Pakistan. In honour of the 75th anniversary of Pakistan’s independence, the committee had vowed to enlist vocalists from diverse regional, cultural and ethnic backgrounds, from all religious faiths and musical genres. The original musical score was composed by Ahmed G. Chagla and written by poet Abdul Hafeez Jalandhari.