The 2022 Motorola Razr is finally launching but only in China

Motorola is finally updating its Razr foldable but only in China. The 2022 Razr offers a larger main screen, an extra camera, and Qualcomm’s latest and greatest chipset, the Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1. There’s also a new Flex View mode so you can open the screen halfway and use the phone hands-free. The new Razr includes an upgraded main camera with 50 megapixels and optical stabilisation plus a new 13-megapixel ultrawide. The main screen is a 6.7-inch OLED with a 144Hz refresh rate. It outdoes the Galaxy Z Flip 4 with a bigger 2.7-inch cover screen – while the Flip’s is a much smaller 1.9 inches, making it more of an at-a-glance display. With 2.7 inches, the Razr’s screen can offer a lot more, including a full notification interface. It’s a shame that the 2022 Razr isn’t getting a wider release because it looks like it improves onÊsome of our issues with the 2020 Razr – including the price. It starts at 5999 yuan, which is about $900 USD. For now, foldables in the USÊremain a party of one.

Microsoft open sources its 3D emoji to let creators remix and customise them

Microsoft is open sourcing more than 1,500 of its 3D emoji, making them free for creators to remix and build upon. Almost all of Microsoft’s 1,538 emoji library will be available onÊFigmaÊandÊGitHub in a move that Microsoft hopes will encourage more creativity and inclusivity in the emoji space. While Microsoft released itsÊemoji in Windows 11Êlast year andÊ3D versions in Microsoft TeamsÊin February, the company hadn’t originally planned to open source its work. Microsoft spent a lot of time on inclusive design and the varied needs of emoji that span across different people, religions, and countries. The result was more than 1,500 emoji that include custom skin tones, with bright and saturated colours and a focus on fun in the workplace. Microsoft now wantsÊcreators to explore new ways to build upon its emoji. “Internally at Microsoft we’re one design community that can only do so much or see so much,” explains Friedman. Creators will be able to take most of Microsoft’s bright and colorful 3D emoji and remix them into stickers, use them in content, or create unique sets of emoji.