Locke and Key: Season 3

  • 27 Aug - 02 Sep, 2022
  • Mag The Weekly

One of the most frustrating tropes in TV and film comes from stupid characters. But then you get stories like Locke and Key, which essentially takes the characters of Dumb and Dumber but plops them into a serious fantasy drama. This lack of logic is ultimately the bread and butter of every issue our characters’ face. Now, characters acting erratically can be fun to watch but Locke and Key doesn’t even have that going for it. Instead, most of the season is full of contradictions, huge plot holes, contrivances and characters that never learn anything across the run-time. In season 3, all of that is out the window as the aforementioned scenario I just mentioned is a recurring trope throughout the series, as Bode finds several new keys that completely change the dynamic of the whole show… and he dives in headfirst without a regard for the consequences of his actions. There are a couple of world-changing additions late on that are handled with about as much care as a baby with a shotgun. It’s actually quite impressive how badly these destroy the integrity of the story. Despite how exciting the keys are, season 3 is actually rather bland and moves at a pretty poor pace. Meanwhile, there’s a last minute plot twist that comes out of nowhere and then the final episode rockets through its antagonistic threat with such velocity that it actually feels good.