High Heat

  • 27 Aug - 02 Sep, 2022
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Reviews

While High Heat isn’t the kind of telenovela that we may be used to see, with romantic comedy and lots of twists joined with moments of high drama, it’s still pure soapy. In the middle of the photo shoot, an alarm goes off. It’s one of the first days on job for Pancho (Iván Amozurrutia), and he thinks back to someone telling him that he should infiltrate the Raul Padilla fire station in order to get revenge on the murder of his twin brother Daniel (Mauricio Hénao). The call is at an office building, and the woman he saves from the fire tells Pancho that she knows him, and that she also wants revenge for Daniel’s death. Months earlier, waking up with the visions of a fire that affected him and Daniel when they were toddlers, Pancho goes about his day, wondering about Daniel. In the meantime, the captain of the station is having a rough morning, pretty much finding fault with his firefighters. He’s gotten a note from an old friend, Ricardo (Eduardo Capetillo), who is about to be released from a 25-year prison sentence, and it seems that they were in on a serious crime before Ricardo went to prison. When Daniel’s body is found in the woods, a distraught Pancho is pulled to the side by Daniel’s boss at the newspaper where he worked; he had Daniel work on the story about the fire chief’s link to Ricardo, and urges Pancho to infiltrate the station as a firefighter in order to get answers.