Never Have I Ever Season 3

  • 27 Aug - 02 Sep, 2022
  • Mag The Weekly

The coming of age series based on Mindy Kaling’s childhood has spent two rich seasons exploring the trials and tribulations of adolescence – from dealing with the complicated feelings of a crush to managing grief from the passing of a loved one. In Never Have I Ever Season 3, Devi has finally graduated to the big leagues and is officially dating the man of her dreams Paxton Hall-Yoshida. But not everything is going according to plan – Devi can’t get out of her own head and let herself enjoy the moment, and questions whether or not Paxton really likes her. Elsewhere, her friends are all in varying degrees of relationships (including Ben who may or may not still have a crush on her despite dating Aneesa), her cousin Kamala is coming around to the fact that she may never want to get married, and her mom Nalini is finally expanding her circle and making new friends. Never Have I Ever is at its best when it leans into Devi’s hard exterior, whether it’s her butting heads with her mom or acting selfishly towards her friends. Sure, it doesn’t make her the most likable character but it definitely makes her a realistic one. Season three continues this thread and gives Devi one of her hardest challenges yet: self-love. The show doesn’t rely on stereotypical characterisations, allowing for nuanced and meaningful storytelling.

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