• 27 Aug - 02 Sep, 2022
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Just like fashion and the seasons, the world of beauty is cyclical in nature. One look back over the many makeup trends throughout history, and it's easy to see how looks have evolved, inspired by the world around us. And as this year is passing by, it will be no exception, with runways and social media already providing us with a plethora of rising trends that are expected to soar in the new decade. We're forecasting the funkiest beauty trends just ahead – hair, makeup, and nails. Keep scrolling!


Blue gaze

Blue clearly will be on everyone's radar this year. We suggest finding fun ways to play with the colour, such as taking an unexpected bright shade and creating a sharp winged cat eye. But really, the sky is the limit.

Think pink

Be it a saturated pat of pink shimmer on our lids, a streak of hot-pink liner, or a mix of both, 2022 is going to be the year of pink-everything makeup. And frankly, we couldn't be more excited.

White stripes

Sure, we've heard for ages that the best way to open up our eyes and shed the look of sleep deprivation is to line our waterlines with a pop of white or nude. That said, makeup artists have been taking the trend up a notch by painting thick lines of white in lieu of inky black on their A-list clientele. Surprisingly wearable, the look is sure to spill into the coming decade just as fervently.

Candlelit Illumination

Highlighter is one of our most-prized beauty accessories, but the trend for 2020 is going to be a far subtler radiance. Glow will never be out of trend, but for 2022 we feel like highlighting products and complexion boosters are really going to get amped up for the ultimate flawless glow.

Blush on Blush on Blush

Blush will be back in a big way and is the perfect way to quickly add a flirty flush or drape dramatic colour across the cheekbones. Liquid and cream blushes are perfect to use if you're new to wearing blusher, as they're more forgiving and easier to work with. For a more amplified dramatic colour payoff, use a cream/liquid as a base and then product-cocktail a powder blush over top.

Snakeskin nails

Creepy, crawly but very, very chic. According to the nail artists, snakeskin trend will be one of the biggest trends of the year. The look is a bit of a challenge to DIY, but if you have the patience, a sponge that's on the smaller side can help mimic the signature texture and look of the print. Or simply go into your fave nail salon to request the trend.

Updated French manicures

Up until very recently, French manicures were still considered pretty dated and, let's be honest, boring. Alas, the new generation of French manicures is anything but, featuring bold colours, unique shapes, double Frenches, and other fun accents and accessories – 2022 will definitely continue the trend's playful whimsical direction.


The mid-length cut

For this year, we believe a huge trend will be a mid-length haircut. Basically, it's between a bob and a lob, but definitely on the shorter side. It's a great trend for 2020 because the length gives you versatility in styling (low pony, updos, etc.), yet when worn down, it can look loose with lots of pretty movement or easily sleek and polished.

The French-inspired fringe

The trend is always toward the fringe, worn a bit shorter like Jane Birkin did. It's a lived-in look that women like Jeanne Damas, Bérénice Bejo, and Alexa Chung are making so cool. Plus, it's super easy to maintain, and you can even execute your own trims. We recommend keeping it shorter between the eyebrows for the true, French-girl styling.