Crystal ball sparks Wisconsin house fire, causing $250K worth of damage

  • 27 Aug - 02 Sep, 2022
  • Mag The Weekly
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A crystal ball led to a dangerous accident in Wisconsin. Sunlight streaming in through the window of a home in Delton set fire to a crystal ball perched on a table, igniting the family's living room and causing $250,000 worth of damage, authorities said. The house's owner returned on around 4 pm to find the home covered in thick smoke, the Delton Fire Department said in a statement. The fire was isolated to the living room, and firefighters were able to enter the home and extinguish the flames. An investigation found that the blaze began on a couch that was situated next to the crystal ball, according to the statement. "The crystal ball had been located on a table near the couch and in direct sunlight," the fire department said. "When sunlight came through a large set of windows and through the glass ball, it ignited the couch." The department urged homeowners to keep items like crystals, mirrors, glass ornaments and bottles out of direct sunlight and away from flammable items. "These items can act just like a magnifying glass and focus sunlight so that the energy, which would normally be spread out over a wide area, is delivered to a much smaller point," the statement said.