Navin Waqar & Zhalay Sarhadi - A Powerful Duo

After years of producing romantic and comedy films, the Pakistani film industry seems to be heading towards thriller films. Carma is an action-packed thriller on themes of revenge and female empowerment that aims to highlight themes of child labour, pedophilia and adultery. Said to be inspired by the work of acclaimed Hollywood director Quentin Tarantino, the film is set against a backdrop of revenge, murder and betrayal. The film's first official trailer was released a while ago on YouTube, revealing a non-linear storyline revolving around a young man caught up in what appears to be a romantic relationship gone awry, and is turned into a gang run by a woman. The film is written, directed and produced by Kashan Admani and Fawad Hai.

Carma also marks the big screen debut of the very stunning Navin Waqar, who has already swoon the audience with her amazing performances over the course of all these years since she debuted in the iconic drama serial Humsafar. Unapologetically herself and true to her talent, Navin reflects real boldness in her choices.

Sarhadi, who plays the role of a gang leader, is sat with her gang members as they plan the abduction. The trailer features her at several moments wearing a bold red lip colour, an indication of her fearless character as she escapes from a childhood marred by abuse to enter the world of crime. We are totally in love with her look in the film.

Receiving an overwhelming response from netizens, the trailer has caused a stir of excitement for its much awaited release on September 2. Carma, along with these two beautiful actresses, boasts a star-studded blend of dynamic actors including the evergreen superstar Adnan Siddiqui; Osama Tahir, British singer and actor Lili Caseley; Paras Masroor, Umer Alam and Vajdaan Shah as the dangerous gang members; seasoned actors Khaled Anam and Arjumand Rahim are also lending impactful cameos. We are excited to see the cinema get a boost this season with Carma The Movie.

Coordination: Umer Mushtaq
Hair & Makeup: Angie's Salon
Designer: Farah Talib Aziz
Photography & Styling: Hussain Piart
PR: TakeII