Ushna Shah

My darling sister Khadija, if you are reading this... YOU are not who has been shamed, it is the monsters who did this to you. May you heal from this trauma and come out stronger than ever. Sending all of my love to you. #justiceforkhadija

The artist community along with actress Ushna Shah, is raising their voice for a recent horrific incident that took place in Faisalabad. Where, a young BDS student named Khadija, was subjected to immense torture and humiliation for the pursuit of rejecting the proposal of an influential businessman of the city. The incident went viral on the internet and drew widespread attention from all aspects of life demanding justice for the victim.

Ali Rehman Khan

Haider Salim Khan, a young Equestrian wants to represent Pakistan in the Asian Games 2023. So let’s raise the funds to make his dream come true and make Pakistan proud!! Please donate at and share widely as well!! #SupportHaider #PakSports

Ali Rehman Khan, in an attempt to support the nations’ sports community, asked his fans and followers in helping to raise funds for a young Equestrian, Haider Salim Khan, who aims to represent Pakistan at the 2023 Asian Games.


Congratulations #QaviKhan sahab on receiving Nishan-i-Imtiaz after the Pride of Performance in 1980 & Sitara-e-Imtiaz in 2012! Thriving for this field of art in Pakistan at 80 with the most patience and energy! More & more love and respect your way! #Onset #MeriShehzadiDiana

Urwa Hocane congratulated the legendary actor of Pakistani entertainment industry, Qavi Khan, on winning the prestigious and highest civil award, Nishan-i-Imtiaz, this year, for his unwavering contribution to the industry. The actress also praised his dedication even at this age. Congratulations to the veteran actor from us!