Along with the dua for a bright “naseeb” for women it’s high time we wish for them a future with good education and financial independence! Financial independence of a woman is not only beneficial for the individual itself but the women of the country could be a force in improving a country’s economy and the soul of making this world a better place!

Ali Zafar

Heart breaking. I remember our last meeting and discussion at her place. She had moved beyond the worldly desires onto a serene and spiritual space with so much wisdom. She was our nightingale. May her soul rest in peace. #NayyaraNoor

Ushna Shah

Why is this case not getting the same traction as Dua Zehra? This child is 12 years old! When will children belonging to minorities be given the same importance? She was drugged, kidnapped and forcibly converted. Please share. #zarvia

Humayun Saeed

Loved the Maula Jatt trailer. Truly epic! Wishing entire team all the best and hoping it will break all previous records at the box office so more filmmakers are encouraged to make such grand films. @blashari @_fawadakhan_ @TheMahiraKhan


Great to see backing the Asia Cup 2022 in UAE. This will be massive especially the Pakistan vs India match. Great to see one of the largest port operator in the world be the title sponsor of a major @ICC event.